"Optimum Piping System" by globally active IHARA SCIENCE


  • Double Ferrule Type Tube Fitting

    Mechanical fittings with two ferrules

    By simply tightening the nut, the back ferrule holds the tube and the front ferrule seals the fluid. Wetted parts are all made up of the same material, which means various fluids over a wide temperature range can be firmly sealed.
    *Stainless products are RoHS compliant.

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • Fitting for Plastic Tubes

    Fitting developed for connecting plastic tubes

    Since it has only two components (main body and the nut) and can be tightened by turning the nut fully, anyone can ensure “easy and secure” connection of plastic tubes.

  • Fitting for Vinyl Hoses

    Fitting developed for soft vinyl chloride hoses

    With a structure in which the hose inserted into the insert is pushed down by the sleeve through nut rotation, it enhances reliability against water leakage and hose pull-out.

    Detail page (Dimensions Table)
  • Weld-less Fitting

    Good Design Award-winning product

    Mechanical fitting for pipe size, designed to minimize the resistance of flow path.

  • Automatic Welding Fitting

    Fitting, corresponding to automatic welding machines, used for high-purity gas systems of SC/LC manufacturing equipment

    This product is made of exclusively high grade stainless steel and vacuum double packed in a clean room.
    *RoHS-compliant product

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • Metal Gasket Seal FittingO-ring Seal Fitting

    Fitting with a surface seal type metal gasket used for high-purity gas systems,enabling leak-free connection from vacuum to high pressure

    Welding parts are made of exclusively high grade stainless steel and double vacuum packed in a clean room.
    *RoHS-compliant product

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • Metal Gasket Seal FittingClamp type

    New product replacing the conventional VTF fitting for high-purity gas for semiconductors

    Twisting during piping work and particles generation during thread tightening, which were conventional problems of this type of fitting, are solved by applying a clamping method.
    *RoHS-compliant product

  • Quick Joint

    Stainless one-touch connecting joint enabling quick and easy connection/detachment of piping

    In addition to thread connection, fittings such as BI-Lok and EP-Fit are available.

  • Byte Type Tube Fitting

    Weld-less high-pressure fitting for hydraulic application

    This fitting eliminates the need for threading, welding, flaring, or brazing, and supports tube bending.

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • ISO-compliant Byte Type Tube Fitting

    Bite type tube fitting conforming to ISO standards. Widely used in hydraulic piping systems of the machine tools market

    Tightening can be completed by turning the nut fully, which eliminates variation in tightening operation and enables easy and secure piping work.

  • High-pressure ThreadedSocket-weld Fitting

    Fitting used for medium to high pressure piping for hydraulic application

    It supports schedule pipes.

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • Swivel Joint

    Compact and low-torque type swivel joint for hydraulic application

    Effective as a measure against twisting of hydraulic hoses, it has increased its durability.

    Detail page (CAD and Dimensions Table)
  • Hose Adapter

    There is a lineup of various hose joints that can reduce pressure loss, noise, vibration, and contamination

    Products that match user needs, including NNT series with smooth flow, are available.

  • Bunki-kunBranch header piping

    Enabling branch piping without joints

    This branch piping fitting with a reduced flow resistance eliminates threading and welding processes. Directed corrugated shapes can also be manufactured.

  • In-line Filter

    Filter used for high-purity gas systems

    Due to its replaceable element, maintenance is easy.

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