"Optimum Piping Systems" by the globally-active IHARA SCIENCE

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Ihara Science is a “scientific manufacturer”.
The company keeps thinking
about how it can further improve the flow of fluid.

Ihara Science has advanced as a manufacturer specializing
in bite type tube fittings and other high-pressure fittings for hydraulic applications.
Now, we study “any and all fluids” for facilities in all industries and continue to seek the optimum piping.

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Using its technology,
Ihara Science provides optimum piping systems customized
to individual fluid applications for customers.

Fittings and valves manufactured by Ihara Science are parts for optimum piping.
Our “optimum piping system” considers the functionality such as durability and design
of the entire piping system including these parts, as well as its cost, handling, and environmental burden.
We provide the system properly as a total solution including design, processing, assembly, and maintenance.

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Ihara Science Nakano Memorial Foundation Ihara Science Nakano Memorial Foundation

This organization is intended to thank many people and to reward societies and communities by awarding scholarships, giving research grants, and conserving mountain forests.

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