"Optimum Piping Systems" by the globally-active IHARA SCIENCE
Business Profile

Business Profile

“Create an Impression” through the piping.

Ihara Science aims to be a company to whom customers say “Thank you”, “Great”, and “Amazing”, and be able to bring impression to them.
We manufacture fittings and valves as a medium to deliver such impression.
We, as a “scientific manufacturer”, innovate in piping targeting “optimum piping” for all fluids in all industries, and seriously ponder how we can further “improve the flow of fluid”.

Although people tend to think of it as “just piping”, we work on design, processing, assembly and maintenance of piping with the thought of “nothing but piping”.
We not only seek and consider what is “optimum” from various perspectives, but also put it into shape properly to provide it. We believe that continuing to create impression through the work of piping is our existence value for the society and people.

With such obsession and pride in piping, we provide customers with “optimum piping” .

To continue our growth with our customers through creative destruction of conventional pipiung practices, we develop two business divisions by target markets.

CP Division
CP Division
Clean Piping Division

For semiconductor/LC, energy field, food/healthcare, and analysis/measurement

GP Division
GP Division
General Piping Division

For construction machinery, machine tools, shipbuilding, railway vehicles, and other general industrial machinery

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