"Optimum Piping Systems" by the globally-active IHARA SCIENCE
Optimum Piping System

Optimum Piping System

Using its technology,
Ihara Science provides optimum piping systems customized
to individual fluid applications for customers.

Fittings and valves manufactured by Ihara Science are parts for optimum piping.
Our “optimum piping system” considers the functionality such as durability and design
of the entire piping system including these parts, as well as its cost, handling, and environmental burden.
We provide the system properly as a total solution including design, processing, assembly, and maintenance.

Clean Piping Division Numerous new products coming from unique ideas

Clean piping system
(High-purity gas, High-purity liquid, Drugs, Food, Pure water, etc.)

General Piping Division Reliability and achievements established
by Ihara Science as a high-pressure fittings manufacturer

General piping system
(Oil, Air, Water, Steam, High-viscosity fluid, Gas, etc.)

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