"Optimum Piping Systems" by the globally-active IHARA SCIENCE
Environment Policies

Environment Policies

We particularly focus on the environment, not only for products and services we create, but also throughout the entire process from manufacturing and delivering them to customers to customers’ use of them, and we make every effort.

We are a member of nature, and engage in work within nature in accordance with its rules.

We are a member of society, and behave in a way that does not betray the confidence and expectations of our fellow citizens based on high ethical standards, as well as conforming to the rules of society (norms).

We do not contaminate the environment.

  • Make efforts not to use things that might pollute the environment.
  • If such use is inevitable, it shall be minimized.
  • Establish procedures to avoid contamination completely.
  • Ensure that these rules are followed on a daily basis.
  • Must be able to perform risk management that minimizes damage.

We strive to minimize waste in everything.

  • Waste involves unconsciously using finite resources (things, energy, time) for something that does not create value.
  • We consider less waste to mean “high productivity,” “high value creativity,” and “environmental friendly.”
  • Minimizing waste is to pursue saving energy, resource, and man-hour.
  • Waste must be reviewed, not only in our own work process, but also throughout the whole process of our customers’ usage.
  • To enhance these levels to an unlimited extent, we set a goal (target level) every year and month to challenge.
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