"Optimum Piping Systems" by the globally-active IHARA SCIENCE
GP Division (General Piping Systems)

GP Division (General Piping Systems)

General Piping Division
Trust and achievements established by Ihara Science
as a high-pressure fittings manufacturer
General piping division (Oil, Air, Water, Steam, High-viscosity fluid, Gas, etc.)

Our company has more than 70 years’ track record as a leading manufacturer of piping components for facility and equipment using hydraulic systems that support core industries. We have wide range of products supported by innovative technology, originating development of the first domestic bite type fittings. In recent years, in addition to piping components, we have been delivering total piping systems, including design, processing, assembly, and maintenance of piping in all hydraulic services applied for such as machine tools, injection molding machines, construction equipment, railway vehicles, and shipbuilding, from hardware to software.

Typical production parts and systems
  • NE bite type tube fittings

  • Swivel joints

  • Bunki-kun (Branch header piping)

  • Cassettes

Gifu Business Office Tsukechi No.1 Factory

GP Division Tsukechi No.1 Factory is located in Tsukechi-cho, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. It produces fittings and valves for all industries including hydraulic and pneumatic, as well as piping systems. Our “bite type tube fitting” that boasts the top market share in Japan is particularly a long-standing, best-selling product. We have wide range of products supported by innovative technology including cleanliness and rust-preventive power that meet the needs of the times. In addition, we apply exclusive plastic froming technology to making raw forged material for fitting body, meet closely with the shape of finished product as much as possible.

GP Division Tsukechi No.2 Factory

Gifu Business Office Tsukechi No.2 Factory mainly manufactures cassettes and modules for piping. Rather than producing as instructed by customers, in order to realize what they desire, we suggest to eliminate fittings and welding considering the optimal flow path and material as much as we can. We aim to be a piping system manufacturer who totally engages in design, procurement, assembly and installation.

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