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Parasolid Solidworks
Double Ferule Type Tube Fitting    CAD data list
[Tube to Taper Female Pipe]
Male Connector:DCT (MDCT)
Bore Through Male Connector:DCTZ (MDCTZ)
Bulkhead Male Connector:DSC (MDSC)
Bore Through Bulkhead Male Connector:DSCZ (MDSCZ)
Male Long Connector:DCC (MDCC)
Male Elbow:DLN (MDLN)
Male Long Elbow:DLL
Male Run Tee:DTK (MDTK)
Male Branch Tee:DTN (MDTN)
[Tube to Taper Male Pipe]
Female Connector:DSA (MDSA)
Bulkhead Female Connector:DSS (MDSS)
Female Elbow:DLF (MDLF)
Female Run Tee:DTF (MDTF)
Female Branch Tee:DTH (MDTH)
[Tube to Tube Union]
Union:DUA (MDUA)
Bore Through Union:DUAZ (MDUAZ)
Reducing Union:DUR (MDUR)
Bore Through Reducing Union:DURZ (MDURZ)
Bulkhead Union:DSU (MDSU)
Bore Through Bulkhead Union:DSUZ (MDSUZ)
Bulkhead Reducing Union:DSUR (MDSUR)
Union Elbow:DLA (MDLA)
Reducing Union Elbow:DLR (MDLR)
Bulkhead Union Elbow:DSL
Union Tee:DTA (MDTA)
Bore Through Union Tee:DTAZ (MDTAZ)
Reducing Union Tee:DTR (MDTR)
Bore Through Reducing Union Tee:DTRZ (MDTRZ)
Union Cross:DXA (MDXA)
Vent Plugged Union:DEA (MDEA)  
Vent Plugged Union Tee:DET (MDET)  
[Tube to Straight Female Thread]
Male Connector with Hose Adapter:DUD (MDUD)
Male Elbow with Hose Adapter:DLD (MDLD)
Positional Male Elbow:DLO
O-ring seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCU (MDCU)
Bore Through O-ring seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCUZ (MDCUZ)
O-ring Groove Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCO (MDCO)
O-ring Groove Male Connector for Taper Thread:DCM (MDCM)
O-ring seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCF
Bonded seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCQ (MDCQ)
Gasket seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCJ (MDCJ)
Gasket seal Male Connector for Parallel Thread:DCG
[Tube to Pressure Gauge]
Gauge Connector:DGA (MDGA)
Bulkhead Gauge Connector:DGB (MDGB)
Gauge Adapter:DHF (MDHF)
Gauge Adapter:DHG (MDHG)
[Tube to Welded System]
Male Pipe Weld Connector:DCB (MDCB)
Bore Through Male Pipe Weld Connector:DCBZ (MDCBZ)
Male Pipe Weld Elbow:DLB (MDLB)
Male Pipe Weld Tee:DTB (MDTB)  
Tube Socket Weld Connector:DCW (MDCW)
Tube Socket Weld Elbow:DLW (MDLW)
[37°Flare Fitting to BI-Lok ®]
BI-Lok ® to AN Adapter:DAN (MDAN)
AN Bulkhead Union:DUE (MDUE)
[Tube Connector to BI-Lok ®]
Reducer:DRE (MDRE)
Bore Through Reducer:DREZ (MDREZ)
Bulkhead Reducer:DSE (MDSE)
Port Connector:DPC
[Adapter for BI-Lok ®]
Male Adapter:DHA (MDHA)
Female Adapter:DHC (MDHC)
O-ring Groove Male Adapter for Parallel Thured:DHO (MDHO)
O-ring seal Male Adapter for Parallel Thread:DHB (MDHB)
Bonded seal Male Adapter for Parallel Thread:DHQ (MDHQ)
Gasket seal Male Adapter for Parallel Thread:DHJ (MDHJ)
Elbow Adapter:DLH
[Hose to Hose]
Hose Adapter:DAH
Hose Adapter to NPT:DAT
Insert(Saw Type):DTI
[Cap, Plug, Nut, Ferrules]
Vent Plug:CEB          
Front Ferrule:DOF  
Back Ferrule:DOB