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Parasolid Solidworks
Metal Gasket Seal Type Fitting    CAD data list
Male Nut for long Gland:VTGD      
Male Nut for long Gland:VTF-GD      
Male Nut for Short Gland:VTGM      
Male Nut for Short Gland:VTGL      
Female Nut for long Gland:VTGE      
Female Nut for long Gland:VTF-GE      
Female Nut for Short Gland:VTGN      
Female Nut for Short Gland:VTGT      
Socket Weld for Gland:VTGC      
Blind Gland:VTF-*BL          
Butt Weld for Gland:VTGB      
Tube Adapter Gland:VTGAD      
Male Connector:VTCT (NPT Screw)      
Male Connector:VTCT (R Screw)      
Male Parallel Screw Connector:VTCU      
Female Connector:VTSA (NPT Screw)      
Female Connector:VTSA (Rc Screw)      
BI-LOK® Tube Fitting Connector:VTUB      
Bore Through BI-LOK ® Tube Fitting Connector:VTSB      
BI-LOK ® Tube Fitting Bore Through Connector:VTUB*-BT          
Reducing Union:VTUR      
Bore Through Union:VTSU      
Tube Butt Weld for Bore Through Connector:VTST      
Reducing Adapter:VTSS      
Male Elbow:VTLN (NPT Screw)      
Male Elbow:VTLN (R Screw)      
Union Elbow:VTLA      
Union Tee:VTTA      
Union Cross:VTXA        
Tube Butt Weld for Elbow:VTLT      
Tube Butt Weld for Tee:VTTT      
Tube Butt Weld for Tee:VTKT      
Tube Butt Weld for Tee:VTNT      
Welding Male Connector:WVTCT (R Screw)      
Welding Female Connector:WVTSA (NPT Screw)      
Welding Female Connector:WVTSA (Rc Screw)      
Welding BI-LOK ® Tube Fitting Connector:WVTUB      
Close Coupling:WVTGE      
Reducing Close Coupling:WVTRGE      
Welding Female Elbow:WVTLA      
Welding Female Tee:WVTTA      
Welding Female Cross:WVTXA      
Welding Male and Female Elbow:WVTLS        
Welding Male and Female Tee:WVTTS      
NW Flange Welding Female Nut Adapter:VTF-NW*-*VF      
NW Flange Welding Male Nut Adapter:VTF-NW*-*VM      
NW Flange Welding Tube End Adapter:VTF-NW*-*TW      
Female Nut:VTNA      
Male Nut:VTNB      
Short Male Nut:VTNB*S      
Lock Nut:VTNN      
Blind Gasket:VTBP      
Orifice Gasket:VTOP        
Retainer Gasket:VTGR      
Thrust Washer:VTSW      
Thrust Bearing:VTJR        
Thrust Bearing for Female Nut:VTNA-*L      
Thrust:Bearing Female Nut for long Gland:VTF-GE*-*L          
Thrust:Bearing Female Nut for Short Gland:VTF-GN*-*L          
Thrust Bearing Cap:VTCA*J        
Compact Coupling:VTGF      
Compact Female Nut for Gland:VTGH      
Compact Female Nut for Gland:VTF-GH      
Compact Male Nut for Gland:VTF-GK        
Compact Female Nut:VTNC      
Compact Male Nut:VTND