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5600-3, Higashineko, Oaza, Higashine city, Yamagata prefecture
TEL: 0237-43-5501  FAX: 0237-43-5504
CP Division, Yamagata Plant
We create a wide variety of products based on the BI-LOK><sup>®</sup> Fitting.
Products of the Yamagata Plant are provided by the Yamagata-Ihara Corporation, from where you can enjoy the view of Gassan, one of the three major holly mountains of Tohoku. The cream of each of the departments of production, technology, quality control and so on for well-prepared work to meet all your needs. Qualifications
The Yamagata Plant, with the main emphasis on the double ferrule type “BI-LOK® Fittings,“ which has now become a global brand, provides a comprehensive range of services from various fittings and valves, unit assembly to piping work in unique development, design and production systems to all users worldwide. Representative production parts and system