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Shimoshiraiwa, Izu city, Shizuoka prefecture 410-2501
TEL: 0558-83-2811  FAX: 0558-83-2802
CP Division, Shizuoka Plant
With the goal of ultimate piping manufacturing, we combine anti-pollution technology and develop and provide various piping materials.
In Nakaizu, with a view toward Japan’s number one Holy Mount Fuji, we develop ultraprecise and cleaner products and introduce high quality fittings and valves which meet ISO9001 standards. Qualifications
The Shizuoka Plant, to respond to customers’ various requests, combines our unique anti-pollution technology with our long years of knowhow in fields of fittings and valves, and with ultimate piping as the objective, develops and provides various piping materials and piping systems.
For semiconductor and liquid-crystal industries, to meet diversifying and limitless market needs, we have rich lineups of high quality and high performance products which match various conditions.
Representative production parts and system