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5591, Tsukechi-cho, Nakatsugawa city, Gifu prefecture 508-0351
TEL: 0573-82-2702  FAX: 0573-82-2850
CP Division, Yamagata Plant
We seek and create optimal piping systems for each fluid and for use in all industries
From an environment surrounded by dark green, carefully handling communication with customers, we seek out and create an earth-friendly “optimum piping system” wholeheartedly. Qualifications
The IPEC Division seeks out and creates the optimum piping system for each fluid and for use in all industries, as well as providing long fittings, cassette/unit products and field work.
We provides optimum piping systems taking into account minimum fittings, minimum fluid resistance and so on, in conjunction with other consistent piping services such as piping design with 3D-CAD, delivery of piping component kits, piping processing, assembly inspection and installation work, and strive to respond to the requests and expectations of customers.
Representative production parts and system