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Company Profile / History
1941 April Founded Ihara Shokai, a private firm by Masaji Ihara at 3-2, Shiba-Hamamatsu-cho, Minato ward, Tokyo
1947 May Incorporated the business, and with 50,000 yen in capital, established Ihara Sangyo Corporation.
1960 August Built Ohito Plant at 28, Kumasaka, Shuzenji-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka prefecture.
1962 October Altered the corporate name to IHARA HIGH PRESSURE FITTINGS CO.,LTD.
1963 June Went public (over-the-counter registered stock, Tokyo District Association of Japan Securities Dealers' Association)
1966 September Moved and newly built Ohito Plant in 153, Yoshida, Ohito-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka prefecture.
1968 April Opened Osaka Branch
1970 May Built Tsukechi Plant in 5591, Tsukechi-cho, Ena-gun, Gifu prefecture.
1970 October Established the Ihara System Engineering Corporation
1971 February Opened the Nagoya Branch
1980 February Acquired capital in Sanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1981 April Built a forge plant in 10424, Tsukechi-cho, Ena-gun, Gifu prefecture.
1982 May Established the Yamagata-Ihara High Pressure Corporation
1989 May Altered the Ohito Plant to a Technology Development Center, and relocated and newly built a facility at 1251, Shimoshiraiwa, Nakaizu-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka prefecture
1989 October Increased capital to 1,564,000,000 yen.
1991 April Integrated Tsukechi Plant and the forge plant, and relocated and newly built an office at 10424, Tsukechi-cho, Ena-gun, Gifu prefecture.
1993 December Moved the headquarters to 4-13-1-7, Ohi, Shinagawa ward.
1996 January Acquired ISO9001 across the board (CS / IT Departments)
1997 October Altered the corporate name to Ihara Science Corporation.
2000 October Won an Ecology Design Award for the efitpiping system
2003 April Acquired ISO14001 across the board (CS / IT departments)
2004 December Altered Yamagata-Ihara High Pressure Corporation to Yamagata-Ihara Corporation, and newly built the headquarter plant.
2006 January Additionally built the Gifu Office
2006 October Altered Sanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. to Ihara Piping Service Corporation.
2008 January Integrated the Gifu Plant of Ihara System Engineering Corporation as Gifu Second Plant
2010 April Bought out Ihara System Engineering Corporation.
2012 March Move the head office to 11-3 Takanawa 3-chome Minato-ku
2012 April Established IHARA SCIENCE TAIWAN CO.,LTD
2012 October Established SUZHOU IHARA SCIENCE CO.,LTD
2013 January Established IHARA KOREA CO.,LTD.


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