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10424, Arama, Tsukechi-cho, Nakatsugawa city, Gifu prefecture 508-0351
TEL:0573-82-4125  FAX:0573-82-2036
GP Division, Gifu Plant
We supply piping-related materials/equipment to various markets including hydraulic pressure and air pressure
Gifu Plant, in an environment where the water is pure, mountains are beautiful and abundant bounty of nature remains.
From the Tsukechi Plant, which continues brilliant growth and development, with cordiality and confidence, we deliver better products to you.
The Gifu Plant offers fittings, valves and related equipment for hydraulic and air pressure type piping to the piping market.
In particular, the “bite type fitting” is a longtime bestseller, with a 70% domestic share, as well as our rich product lines supported by high technology, including the level of cleanness, corrosion prevention and so on to meet contemporary requirements. We respond to your requests in all areas where fluid is used. Also, the Gifu Plant also includes the MF Division, where we promote ongoing adjustment to plasticity to seek and create optimum manufacturing is and send out products on a daily basis.
Representative production parts and system